Finance & Legal

Finance & Legal

The financial teams at SOFTSWISS account for all cash flows. We value our experienced Legal and Compliance departments that ensure business viability, consult on key decisions, and ensure the meeting of key best practices and industry standards. Join one of the most engaged domains responsible for financial control and regulatory compliance.

What the work entails:

Financial Accounting

Monitoring of internal, external, and native cash flows as the company conducts business internationally. SOFTSWISS’ vast network of partners and clients requires ongoing control over its profits and losses.

Compliance and Legal

Ensuring the company meets regulatory expectations and requirements, as we venture into new markets and tackle the challenges of an ever-changing legal landscape. The team helps rigorously uphold industry standards and guidelines across multiple legal domains.

Legal Counsel

Providing guidance on matters financial and legal such as AML, CFT, employment law, intellectual property rights, data privacy regulations, and more. The team ensures the company is moving in line with applicable norms and laws.

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