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The SOFTSWISS Sportsbook is a software platform designed for launching and managing a successful online sports betting business. The Sportsbook team’s goal is to develop truly innovative software that will make the process of creating and running a bookmaker website faster and easier for our clients. We are searching for driven individuals who are passionate about what they do and are ready to work on engaging tasks and exciting projects together.

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Software Product

Launched in 2020, the SOFTSWISS Sportsbook Platform is a cutting-edge software solution for administering an online sports betting site. Sportsbook works with all major online gambling jurisdictions and relies on the leading sports/esports betting odds providers. The platform offers an enjoyable experience to both online gambling website owners and its users, thanks to the dedicated back office, user-friendly layout and handy features.

The B2B software solution consists of multiple components and sub-systems such as in-house and integrated Risk Management Tools, odds feed integrations, analytical data, custom-built CRM system, a bespoke content management system (CMS) and our own database.

Our Values

Our team values collaboration, communication, knowledge sharing and problem solving within deadlines. By combining our collective expertise and modern technologies, we are able to deliver a high-end product efficiently. Together we envision ourselves as a strong connection between strategy and creativity. We are dedicated to our mission of success, continually pushing ourselves and each other to reach our goals.

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What it is like working with us

A healthy work atmosphere is essential for our team. It fosters creativity, promotes innovation, and encourages collaboration among our team members. Respect, hard work and dedication of each individual is appreciated, and in turn this creates a culture of loyalty and commitment. Every opinion is valid and valued.

Here we have created a culture of responsibility – everyone strives to do the best job individually and to reach success together. We never forget that work also needs to be fun – engaging activities and humour make it enjoyable for everyone involved.

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More About The Tech Stack

Software engineering and tech positions can expect to work with the following advantages and work on these technology challenges

Tech Advantages

  • New product – new codebase. No legacy code.
  • Individual workflow planning and team collaboration. We’re agile and it shows.
  • Complete inclusion, from architecture and infrastructure to strategy and planning
  • Team input on code review, documentation, testing, and post-launch
  • Ample opportunities for growth and development, both as a team and individually

Tech Challenges

  • Maintaining data integrity and managing big data workflows
  • Working with distributed applications and implementing microservice architectures
  • Using modern backend design methodologies for application for building applications (DDD, Clean architecture, Hexagonal architecture)
  • Modernising with container management and database management systems
  • A tight team means getting involved in collective outcomes