Sales & Business Development

Sales & Business Development

Identifies commercial and business opportunities that boost growth. The team  studies potential new markets and niches, while building a network of business relationships. Business development unlocks new vectors for SOFTSWISS when it comes to sales and commercial partnerships.

What the Work Entails:

Business Development

Business development is not just about selling a product to a client. It involves cutting through the clutter of the industry to identify pertinent growth opportunities for the business. The team that is prepared to drive change and uncover value.

BD Analysis

Research is key to keeping several steps ahead of the competition. Analysts research the macro and micro-movements of the market to draw actionable insights and empower both the business development and product development teams.

Lead Generation

Operating at the crossroads of prospecting and analytics, lead generation ensures a steady stream of business acquaintances that expand the SOFTSWISS network of valued partners and clients. Lead generation managers recognise new business opportunities and develop leads through market research and networking.


Working closely with Business Development managers, they identify promising relationships and foster genuine interest in the brand's product portfolio through first-contact touchpoints. Pre-sales instil a trustworthy first impression of the brand and its mission.

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