Human Resources

Human Resources

The HR team is responsible for managing human capital to meet the company’s business objectives. It is entrusted with the critical task of performing human resource management functions which include attracting, maintaining and developing best talents. The HR department plays a vital role in supporting SOFTSWISS’ growth and success by ensuring better hires,  strengthening the company culture, improving employee performance and wellbeing, providing motivation and fostering professional development within the company.

Teams that drive SOFTSWISS success:

Talent Acquisition

The Talent Acquisition Team is responsible for finding and hiring the best candidates to fill open positions within SOFTSWISS. They work closely with direct managers to identify job requirements, source and assess candidates, and design recruitment strategies to attract top talent. The team manages the entire recruitment process, from sourcing to hiring. Their goal is to develop a network of potential future hires and achieve business goals by hiring the best talent available on the market.

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HR Business Partners

Human Resources Business Partners are experienced and knowledgeable HR professionals who work in dedicated business teams to support the company's strategic initiatives. They play a crucial role in such areas as corporate culture, succession planning, talent management, change management, organisational and performance management, training and development, compensation, and benefits. HR BPs act as a single point of contact for employees and managers, providing guidance and support on all HR-related matters throughout the employee lifecycle. They aim to ensure that both employees and the business achieve their goals while building an excellent employee experience.

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Talent Development & Culture

The TD team supports learning and development activities for employees within the company. They are responsible for creating and implementing talent development strategies, organising learning and development projects, and promoting a positive corporate culture. They also handle administrative tasks related to training and development, carry out talent development projects, and assist employees and managers with their inquiries and requests. Additionally, TD specialists participate in cross-functional projects on the part of the TD Centre of Expertise, providing guidance and navigating employee career, training, succession planning, performance, and culture-related inquiries and processes.

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International Mobility and Events

The International Mobility and Events Team provides staff counselling services and support for any business travel matters. They ensure that all events and travel are well-managed and run smoothly, creating a positive experience for all involved. The team is also responsible for managing internal corporate events for all employees and teams.

Total Rewards

The Total Rewards Team is responsible for the design and implementation of a comprehensive reward package for all employees in the company. This team manages the compensation policy, including salary review processes, salary ranges, and bonus schemes, as well as benefits. They also manage the company's HR budget. The main focus of the team is on creating a robust compensation policy that aligns with the company's goals and ensures that employees are fairly compensated.

HR Shared Services

The HR Shared Services Team is responsible for coordinating and facilitating interactions between departments. They manage administrative processes. Additionally, the HRSS department is involved in pre-boarding activities. They provide assistance with registration, dismissal, vacations, sick leave, and certificates from the place of work.

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