Engineering & Tech

Engineering & Tech

Develops and maintains SOFTSWISS’ software solutions for our award-winning products! The team offers opportunities to work on various products, enabling direct influence on the company’s agility. They value deep knowledge and insights into their core competencies. They stay up-to-date with the latest technology advancements and ensure that SOFTSWISS’ software products and engineering services align with the strategic directions, utilise best practices, and have contingency plans in place.

Teams that drive SOFTSWISS success:

Software Developers

Work on interesting, cutting-edge projects, troubleshoot and debug potential technical problems, and help develop technological solutions. Masters at storing and exporting data, they are always searching for ways to enhance the productivity and efficacy of our system. They are dedicated to making our products the best they can be, whether by using DevOps principles, or through improvements and bugfixes!


Responsible for designing the future architecture of the platform projects, handling technical debt backlog, and breaking down monolithic applications into services. They work closely with technical leads, product owners, and development teams to ensure that all incoming technical issues are resolved promptly. Architects help decompose large and complex tasks to design individual services and platform components and participate in their subsequent development, production launch, and work stabilisation. They also conduct research, analyse technical tools, and promote best development practices.

Data Engineers & Data Scientists

Build scalable and robust data pipelines using Big Data technologies such as Spark, Kafka, Clickhouse, etc. They design real-time data analytics platforms and own critical data products. They continually acquire new data sources and explore new tech to address problems. They perform data exploration, collaborate with data engineers on defining data storage formats, and set up reproducible experiments for machine learning models. They also create and apply machine learning models in production.

Database Engineers

Design and develop efficient, scalable, and robust database architecture using technologies such as Clickhouse, MongoDB, and PostgreSQL. They automate processes for handling large volumes of data from various sources and optimise queries for multiple applications. They monitor and improve database performance, deploy changes, troubleshoot issues, and ensure high availability. The team continuously contributes to improving database development and architecture practices and communicates effectively with team members and stakeholders.

Business & System Analysts

Responsible for translating business ideas into well-structured requirements and documenting them. They work on new and existing system components, formalise complex technical requirements, and convert them into epics and user stories with acceptance criteria. They coordinate with business stakeholders and interact with the development team to ensure that requirements are met. Additionally, they develop and maintain documentation and plan and monitor analysis/requirements process and activities.

Manual/Automation QA & Performance Testing

Guardians of product and service quality. They manage QA tasks, define technical approaches to automation and performance testing, collect and analyse testing requirements, and integrate testing into the CI/CD pipeline. They work closely with development teams to ensure all changes are tested before deployment.


Ensures the protection and integrity of our systems and data. They manage application, infrastructure, and information security, monitor incidents, conduct vulnerability management, testing, and threat intelligence. The team's top priority is the balanced protection of confidentiality, as well as integrity, and availability of data.

SE/SRE & IT Support

Responsible for providing assistance to users and services within the company. The team specialises in supporting Atlassian products and can also help with procurement tasks. They are also involved in the deployment and testing of new services, including functional testing and filling services with data. Their responsibilities extend beyond their team, as they may also search for solutions, tools, and services to support other ITS groups. The team is also in charge of serverside applications and hardware operability. They ensure the resilience of our servers and provide direct support for all products, including the continuous deployment of updates. They work with engineering teams to improve the reliability, scalability, observability, and security of systems.

Technical Writers

The team of professionals who have mastered both the art of writing and the nuances of technology. With a deep understanding of the development lifecycle, our tech writers work closely with developers to create and maintain procedural and technical documentation, including user guides, training manuals, API documentation, and more. The team collaborates with product owners and QA teams, and has experience with Git, help authoring tools, and markup languages.

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