Managed Services Teams

The SOFTSWISS Managed Services represents our client facing customer support team. Features six experienced teams that work integrally with SOFTSWISS software products and player engagement strategies. We are looking for experienced CS professionals with a positive attitude, strong work ethics, and exemplary expertise to join the team.


Our Services

When our clients choose the SOFTSWISS Managed Services they receive assistance from all of our six teams: First Line Support, Anti-Fraud Support, VIP Player Support, Player Retention, Player Reactivation, and Content Management teams. It is the job of Managed Services to keep the players of our clients engaged and our operators satisfied.

Our Values

We value hard work, patience and dedication – they are essential when it comes to executing tasks efficiently and effectively. These, plus collaboration and great communication push us to provide the best service. Working as a team helps not only to find a solution to any problem, but also creates an increased sense of success for every individual on the team. Finally, having a drive to constantly improve your skill set is a core component of our team values.

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Work Atmosphere

Our international team works across multiple time zones from several offices. Managed Services offers rewarding job opportunities for both junior customer support, marketing, and content management specialists, as well as more experienced team leads and custom support champions. We are a tightly knit community of team players that covers each other’s back and makes it their mission to bring value to SOFTSWISS clients.

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More About The Tech Stack

While not strictly a technology-first team, we work with the following tools.


  • Flexible work schedule
  • Multiple growth opportunities
  • Accessible knowledge transfer and knowledge exchange
  • In office and remote job opportunities
  • Informal communication style and team input
  • Learn-on-the-job opportunities


  • Shift-based work
  • Responsible player management
  • Handling sensitive information
  • Managing under stress
  • Multi-tasking required
  • Proficiency in multiple languages