iGaming Platform Team

With our strong technical team, SOFTSWISS have created a secure iGaming platform that ensures the highest quality of service to clients all around the globe. Through constant innovation, the iGaming Platform Team strives to maintain its competitive edge through state-of-the-art technology, providing clients with an unparalleled experience at any given time.

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Software Platform

The SOFTSWISS iGaming platform is the flagship SOFTSWISS product, known worldwide for its quality and reliability. We lead in the global iGaming market, think and act globally, and strive to build one of the strongest technical teams in the industry. We lead in the global iGaming market, think and act globally, and strive to build one of the strongest technical teams in the industry.

Our Values

Our team values hard work, innovation, and collaboration above all. We strive to create a supportive and vibrant work culture where everyone can contribute, and be rewarded for the effort. Our product is designed to revolutionise the industry, and we’re always looking for creative minds who can bring their ideas to the table. We firmly believe that everyone has something to offer, and that by working together we can achieve great results.

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Being part of the team

We understand the importance of diversity of thought and experience. Our mission is fostering an inclusive workplace that celebrates individual differences and encourages collaboration and communication. We prioritise a team-oriented approach to problem-solving, with everyone’s unique skills and abilities contributing to our success.

Our team brings together creative minds and innovative technology. We are a fast-paced environment that encourages risk-taking and rewards creativity. Our talented professionals are passionate about their work, and strive to exceed expectations.

We believe that it is important to make sure everyone is happy and productive in the workplace. Our team shares a sense of camaraderie, and there’s no doubt that you’ll find an environment of open communication and mutual support here once you join.

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more about the tech stack

Ruby is the main programming language of the iGaming Platform’s backend, while we rely on the React framework to support frontend interactions.

iGaming Platform Tech Advantages

  • Dedicated team leads and team branches
  • Consistent workload and iterative development
  • Agile at all levels
  • Boundless growth opportunities
  • Integration of trending technologies
  • Largest in-house development team and community

Technology Challenges

  • Extensive frontend and backend development and synchronisation
  • Microservice migration of complex software architectures
  • Ongoing refactoring and application technology upgrades
  • Building Big Data management and data analytics solutionsOptimising high-load processing
  • New API integrations with in-house and sourced tools and applications