Plays a crucial role in understanding the needs and wants of customers and creating effective messaging to attract and retain them. Marketers at SOFTSWISS constantly ask themselves questions like “where, when, and how does our consumer want to communicate with our business?” to tailor their marketing efforts accordingly. The team is responsible for developing and executing strategies that drive business growth by effectively communicating with customers and creating a positive brand image.

Brand Marketing

Builds the brand strategy, creating eye-catching promotional materials, and participating in the development and implementation of the marketing strategy. They analyse market trends and competitive landscape to investigate opportunities for growth and align internal and external communication with SOFTSWISS targets and brand positioning. Additionally, they produce new ideas for branding and marketing communications and manage internal brainstorming meetings and creative sessions.

PR & Events

Creates SOFTSWISS PR & Events strategy, including global and local PR campaigns, media monitoring, and analysis of PR efficiency. They prepare spectacular PR materials, such as press releases and interviews, and interact with media partners to promote SOFTSWISS in the public space. The team also organises breathtaking exhibitions and events around the world to increase customer loyalty to the brand and produces high-quality merch for teams and partners. Additionally, they develop collaborations with well-known brands to increase visibility and stand out from competitors.

Digital Marketing

Responsible for media planning and control of placements and campaigns promotion in digital channels. The team develops unique digital marketing strategies, launches impactful ads on social media channels, and builds strong working relationships with media partners. They are also responsible for improving website design, UX, traffic, and content, maintaining consistent brand messaging across all platforms, and executing the email marketing strategy, including designing and implementing direct email marketing campaigns and analysing campaign performance for improvements.

Content Marketing

Plans and executes the content strategy across the SOFTSWISS websites. They work closely with the cross-functional teams, including marketing, product, service, SEO, and frontend development teams, to ensure that the content is aligned with the company's goals and objectives. The team is responsible for creating a variety of content, including articles, case studies, reports, and other materials, to establish SOFTSWISS as an expert voice in the industry. They supervise the creation of social media banners for events, campaigns, and industry exhibitions.

Research & Analytics

Tracks and analyses the quantitative metrics and indicators of the company's marketing department, with a focus on qualitative measurement. They draw on business-related research and industry knowledge to correctly interpret data and improve performance. The department also focuses on analysing the marketing and sales funnel conversions, competitors, and market trends. They supervise internal research projects and conduct an overall commercial brand analysis. They are responsible for automating and optimising internal reports, ensuring that they are delivered accurately and on time. Additionally, the department is responsible for reporting on employer brand KPIs, tracking the success of initiatives and campaigns aimed at promoting the company as an employer.

Employer Brand

Develops and implements strategies to promote the image and reputation of SOFTSWISS as an employer. Increasing brand recognition and attracting prospective employees are their objectives. The department is focused on aligning internal and external communication to increase the loyalty of current and future employees. They are responsible for promoting the employer brand through various channels, including PR, video shoots, social media campaigns, OOH campaigns, and job portals. The department also plays a role in improving internal communication and supports other departments in making internal announcements. Additionally, they organise company meetings and internal promotional campaigns.

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